Talking Culture - Believe Panel Debate


IHeart Lounge, NZME HQ • 1 June

1130 arrive - 12pm start - 2pm finish
2 Graham Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010
Michael Craig, Sarah Palmer, Sharron Ward and Janette Dalley


Auckland Festival of Photography 2024 has gathered a group of lens-based artists, photojournalists and ‘photography-manipulators’ whose oeuvre relies on or questions this fundamental, human trait of ‘belief.’

From the documentary images captured by NZME photojournalists on the beat through to raw data beamed — from 1.5 million kilometres away — down to earth by Nasa’s Webb Telescope. The old photojournalist adage “Pics or it didn’t happen,”  “Seeing is believing,” has always been the mantra. From current affairs films examining the aftermath of Britain’s worst residential fire since WWII, to documenting the reality of protests across the Middle East during the “Arab Spring,” through to flora and seemingly innocent tourist spots from the comfort of cruise ships – filmmakers and photographers are now grappling with the rise of AI, convincing “deep fakes,” and the proliferation of “alternative” media – which now raises questions - can we believe in what we see?  How can we verify the veracity of the media we consume?

This year’s programme succinctly and overtly makes us question where our trust lies and what leaps of faith we are willing — or perhaps forced — to take in order to bridge the gap between our knowledge and the world of visual stimuli we consume daily and at unprecedented speeds. Believe, or don’t; that is the question.

Panel discussion on the "Believe" theme with:

Sarah Palmer - Wish You Were Here - International photojournalist, Canada Sarah Palmer is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Her work straddles the realm of journalism and fine art, questioning the conventional limits that both of these worlds hold for the viewer and artist alike. She explores pop culture and current events with a focus on the subcultures that these gatherings draw in. Full bio.

Sharron Ward, Katalyst Productions -  Sharron is an Emmy, Royal Television Society & BAFTA award-winning documentary filmmaker from Aotearoa who has made observational documentaries and investigative films for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 in the UK, Al Jazeera & The Guardian amongst others. She has made films documenting the Grenfell Tower Fire in London, the kidnapping of Yazidi women by the Islamic State in Iraq and has documented the Arab Spring in Egypt, Libya, and across the Middle East.  She is an Auckland based Director/Producer and cinematographer who now specialises in films focussed on the climate crisis, conservation and wildlife. More on Katalyst Productions

NZME Photojournalists - Janette Dalley, Head of Visuals News, NZME + Michael Craig, NZ Herald/NZME Photographer, Voyager Media Award winning 'Photographer of the Year' 2024, documentary, photojournalism.

Janette Dalley, based in Auckland, New Zealand, is currently a NZ Herald News Director Visuals at New Zealand Herald, bringing experience from previous roles in London, and BAFTA. Janette Dalley holds a 2005 - 2007 MA in Film, Television and Visual Media @ University of London. Rep for photojournalism team for NZ Herald.

Join us at 12pm to 1.30pm on Saturday 1st June, indoors at I Heart Lounge, NZME HQ, 2 Graham St, City. Arrive by 1145am for 12pm start, FREE, first come, first seated. Runs for 1 hour and 30 minutes, bring your own coffee, tea or lunch, session time includes Q + A session at end of discussion. Free.

Believe theme

Believe theme

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