These terms and conditions are in place from 25th March 2020.


1. You must be the copyright owner, the original author of the work. 

2. Copyright will remain with the photographer, however by entry for selection the copyright owner irrevocably licenses the Auckland Festival of Photography Trust the right to publish the photograph or arrange publication through third parties in any form or media, or for non commercial purposes (including NGO's, community projects, other registered charities) or for public exhibition. No payment is offered.  A one-off admin fee is negotiated for licensing images (which covers staff time, associated communications, promotion, technical support and other archive management costs) these proceeds will be donated directly to the Auckland Festival of Photography Trust. - Charities Commission, Registered Charity No: CC38839. As at 1st February 2017.

3. Entries to the theme are limited to 9 photo entries per person per one calendar month (no big files please, try to keep them to 1MB, 300 dpi). Please only use alpha/numeric characters for your file names - no other characters such as brackets, asterix or spaces etc. Jpeg files are preferable.

4. The photos must have been taken in Auckland during the Lockdown and/or be created/authored/produced as a body of work of an artist living in the Auckland region (copyrighted to the artist). 

5. Must reflect the culture, identity and art of the photographer. When the Auckland Photo Blog has a theme work should capture the theme as described in the notice area for themes. No overseas images will be displayed as they do not meet the above terms.

6. Photo of the Month is based on a calendar months submissions – N/A for Lockdown.

7. When the Auckland Photo Blog has a theme, work should capture the theme as described in the notice area for themes. Any images received that do not reflect the theme will be held over until after the theme has completed.

8. Entrants are advised to retain copies of their images.

9. Entrants must provide contact details - name, address, phone and email. Entrants can provide summary comments eg title, date, time or description.

10. Auckland Photo Blog is not a forum to buy and sell photography. This is not a trading site. Please contact the photographers directly.

11. Auckland Festival of Photography publishes images in good faith and accepts no liability to any third party on any grounds. All photographs submitted must have all rights clearances held by the photographer. Auckland Festival of Photography's decision to publish or not is final.


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