December 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of the Month.  View December 2009 blog here


Seagull by Theodoor Venter

 November 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of The Month. View November 2009 blog here

Walk in the Park; Bryan Lay Yee 

Walk in the Park by Bryan Lay Yee.

Bryan Lay Yee with his picturesque and gentle Walk in the Park taken in Auckland's Cornwall park recently.

OCTOBER 2009 - Rangitoto Theme- Photo of the Month. View Rangitoto blog here

EruptionYoung Jin Kim

Young Jim Kim: Eruption

SEPTEMBER 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of The Month.  View September blog here


Jo Charman:  Spring delight, Manukau                    

AUGUST 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of The Month.    View August blog here


Toni Tanner:  Underwater Baby, Auckland

JULY 2009 - Open theme - Photo of The Month


Shangyuan Lu: Morning fog in Avondale, Auckland

See July blog here

JUNE 2009 - BusPix Theme - Photo of The Month.  See June blog here


John Pirtle -  Buses West 2A, New Lynn Terminal, Auckland.

Auckland Photo Blog BusPix sponsored by 


Congratulations - John won three months unlimited bus travel valued at over $500 and also gets his winning photo on a billboard in July 2009 on Karangahape Road. Runner up was Carlene Newall with her recycled bus tickets. She was awarded 1 month's free bus travel.


MAY 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of The Month


Paras Kumar -  Devotees dancing during a religious performance in Iskcon temple in Auckland.

See May 2009 blog here

APRIL 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of The Month

Engineering for the Visually Impaired - Lee Pike

Lee Pike - Engineering for the Visually Impaired

See April 2009 blog here

March 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of the Month

Carolyn Sylvester; Light Bubbles

Carolyn Sylvester - Light Bubbles

See March 2009 blog here

FEBRUARY 2009 - Lantern Theme - Photo of The Month


Red Lantern Tree by Karen Lewis

See February 2009 blog

January 2009

Summer Fun - Aaron Koolen

Summer Fun by Aaron Koolen - MJ Savage Memorial Park

See January 2009 blog

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