Themed : By Invitation

Core : By Selection & Administration Fee

Satellite: Open access & Administration Fee

FAQ - Individual photographers/artists/groups.

  • How do I participate?

If you are planning an exhibition why not tie it in with the Festival dates? In order to be part of next year's Festival you need have an exhibition planned. You also need to have a venue. Finding a venue is up to where your imagination takes you. There is no limitation in this sense. See Taking Part.

Due to the overwhelming demand and popularity of the Festival we have made some changes to how to participate.

To be part of the Satellite, there is a new administration fee for Satellite and now Core exhibitions need to contribute an administration fee to be in the Festival. 

Details are on the Satellite/Core information document we send out to those who have confirmed their registration of interest in participating. Priority is given to first-time Satellite exhibitors. Please email

Please note that any individual, association, organization or group can only have one Satellite exhibition listing in the programme.

  • Where do I send my material for evaluation?

Our Festival relies on the curatorial expertise at the Galleries and artists we partner. The Festival does not have curatorial input to your show in the programme. We offer a democratic platform for all exhibitors/artists that wish to be part of the Festival.You do not need to send anything in order to qualify. However you will need to organize your own exhibition and have the major details in place before confirming it with us by mid February.

  • I am from overseas and have found about you on the internet. It sounds really interesting but I am unsure if I can participate.

We don't provide mechanisms to international artists as we do not have resources to bring in international photographers/exhibitions. We suggest you get in touch either with dealer galleries or public institutions in Auckland that can help you coordinate an exhibition for your work.

  • How do I make arrangements with the venue?

You make direct contact with your selected venue and organize your own exhibition. The Festival does not get involved in the organizing of individual shows nor booking space at venue. Once you have confirmed a venue for your exhibition, let us know. We will then send your venue, a Venue agreement document and a Technical Specifications document that will help you with details we need to know once you are in the planning stage.

  • Exhibition dates/timing?

To be included in the Festival programme, your exhibition can start before the beginning of the Festival or end after the Festival closes. However it is important that your exhibition takes place for at least one week during the Festival dates.

  • Can you support my application for funds and sponsorship?

We can write you a letter of support for the exhibition/event you are applying for funds for your exhibition. We do not assist with sponsorship for individual exhibitions. We do no offer any financial support to your show.

However we will put your exhibition on waiting list if it is subject to funding. Check your dates and deadlines.

After the close of the Festival programme submission date in mid February, we cannot accept late entries, to our programme.

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