Peoples Choice

People's Choice Winner of the 2020 Nikon Auckland Photo Day:

Online voting in the Nikon Auckland Photo Day People’s Choice category has seen Argentinian Hernan Grabarnik’s 'Wall of Shame' image win this year’s competition with most valid votes. The photograph features the Black Lives Matter protest slogan, “No guns 4 pigs” and its selection coincides with Black Lives Matter protests internationally, including in New Zealand. Hernan says he is delighted this political protest image was supported by the judges in the Top 30 and has won the Nikon D5600 single lens camera prize by public vote.

Hernan Grabarnik; Wall of Shame

Kerri Walker IMG 2716
Lee Herrick PSX 20200612 092909
Linda Gomas The Timeless Manukau
Lisa Whyte 3F5A2A49 DF4F 4C92 9961 185F5965BAFF
Lisa Whyte 6B0E8BBC 8F9F 4FA6 B39E 4A10ACDD2311
Lisa Whyte 9EAA1BDC 8F1D 4E5A 9887 63AB1EA1F991
Liz Hardley Teddy
Liz LePineWilliams 0D9219E1 15CC 4F56 ACEC E80F2CC68F79
Malcolm Bishop 20200607 MJB 0057
Malcolm Bishop DSC 0023 Edit
Marissa Schmidt Local Legends
Martin Sercombe DSC 1127
Michael Wake DSCF8046
Michelle Listerq 20200606 082241
Mirjam Van Sabben Mirjam Van Sabben Star Trail Over Moonlit West Coast
Mirjam Van Sabben Mirjam Van Sabben The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Mirjam Van Sabben Mirjam Van Sabben Unleashing
Nataly Lowe LoweNataly Lucky Bit Of Nature
Nazar Abbas NAbbasOwner
Nguyen Giang Memory
Nic Fletcher 2020 06 06 muriwai road To Nowhere nic Fletcher 98
Paul Belli DSC 1241
Paul Samson Briar Rose 2
Paul Samson Lemon Splash 2 2
Paul Samson Museum 210 297 Lr Edit Compo1
Paulo Henrique Behar PBeharMuseum
Peter Lamberton IMG 8959
Phillipa Karn Nikon Photo Day KARN 1
Rebecca Rimmington Inbound3405555875832977234
Rene Burton RBurtonParkYourMask
Rhiannon Myers 92D2B537 8513 4D20 80CD DD75A8448320
Roy Cernohorsky Good Morning Auckland
Sandra Yan 8F9584C7 1959 4092 9AE8 274309987147
Sandra Yan BB39709A 2939 4D52 A3D1 3F84948CC3B7
Sandra Yan D2AAB834 72B8 4528 9771 1ED4AD5D81BF
Sang Kook OhMr Secret Wall
Sarah Hassett 9874ACA0 02E0 4789 8647 A04DE729F676
Sarah Patton IMG 1932
Shunmei Deng MG 0654 9
Shunmei Deng MG 0726 0
Stacey Edgar SEdgarANewDay
Stacey Edgar SEdgarSidewalkSamples
Stefan Herrick Rainonme
Stefan Herrick Swan
Stefan Schliebs P6060202 2
Stephen Perry 20200607 3 Gulls
Sue Courtney Out For A Paddle
Sue Story Grandma's Phone
Sungho Lee 3 LR 0865 3
Sungho Lee 3 LR 6375

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