Hyun Duck Park;Knitting Lesson


GAO TAO;Forgotten Forest


Roy Cernohorsky;Flying to the light
Alan Golder;Seahorse
Alvin Sarmiento;Brothers Together
Andrew Creegan;K Road Cone
Barry Williams;Leaf
Callena Lewis;Waiting For You
Cherry Hsu;Haze
Deb Owen;Joy of Youth
Debbie Carthew;Pies for Breakfast
Debbie Carthew;Time for a Break
Dulanya Hansali Jayasekera;Freedom
Gaby Suhl;Licking My Way Through Life
Genevieve Revell;Playing Tiggy with Daddy
Hernan Grabarnik;Light My Fire
Hernan Grabarnik;Waiheke Vibes
Hugh Jones;The Umbrella
Jiongxin Peng;Rugby game
Lambert Laluz;Friends in High Places
Lambert Laluz;On The Go
Lisa Wu;Working on the roof
Margaret V Vickers;Kids staying close to mum at the Protest   which too place at the bottom of Queen Street, Auckland.
Marlena Koeninger;Commuting
Matthew Chen;Market Day
Mengyuan Zhang;Kiss In The Sunset
Nicky Wan;Vibrancy
Poh Leong Koh;Stay At Home Weekend
Shunmei Deng;Calligraphic Walls
StaceyEdgar;Four Seasons In One Game

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