Clint Schubert: Faces Of Freedom


Jack Reed: Hall Wreckers


Debbie Chan: Layer Up
Liz Hardley: Jim
David Prentice: Side By Side
SEUNG JAE SONG: Unswerving
Fay Seah: Storm Chaser
Derek Teague: Working The Good Life
Eric Lee: Surfday
Hans Hockey: COS Mannequin
Max Mckee: Desolate Interiors
Benjamin Cloke: Dawn Picnic
Bob Freeman: Untitled
Elise Cacace: Boy Racer
Siena Hunter: Teenage Continueam
Jennifer Carol: Fish For Dinner
Gaby Suhl: Not Amused
Nazar Abbas: Manikin
Hernan Grabarnik: Protecting Who
Paul Khor The Watcher
Benjamin Cloke: Sunrise Training
Simon Runting: Chappie Shaking It Up At Kakamatua
Lukas Sidikerskis: Blind Selfie
JONG KEUN KIM: Phillipines Day
Sarah Macmillan: Ready To Race
Jack Warren: Passion
Lynn Clayton: Train To Britomart Station
Ziyang Dominic WANG: Ballet In Nature
Suzanne Wilkinson: Suburban Quiet
Stacey Edgar: Spellbound

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