Peoples Choice

People's Choice Winner of the 2019 Nikon Auckland Photo Day:
Tina Fraser; Under Harbour Bridge

Tina Fraser, Under Harbour Bridge, Stokes Point 2019

Taken at Stokes Point, North Shore, Auckland.

Aaron Solomon Caged I Will Behave Well
Aaron Solomon I Love Toys
Alix Coleman Seagulls Stare
Alpa Maniar Alpa MeditationAgeNoBar
Alvin Sarmiento DSF0187
Alvin Sarmiento DSF0206
Arun S Pillai 20190608 134523 01
Arun S Pillai 20190608 141033 01
Bimsara Ranaweera 5D0C02B5 7053 4E9E B0CB 26BD241227AB
Bimsara Ranaweera 8AF9E611 FB98 4EED B5A1 CB7EB8E4E4F8
Calden Jamieson Photofest
Ceara OFlaherty IMG 1934
Claire Lambert In The Scaffolding
Claudia Baptista Fernandes Tower De Force   DSC09155
Clint Schubert Double Take
Clint Schubert Tunnel Vision
Debbie Carthew DCarthewSideliners
Delwyn Barnett Into The Light
Dennis Rundle Dennis Rundle   No Matter The Weather
Emma Liu WechatIMG572
Emma Liu WechatIMG574
Errol DSouza IMG 9112
Faith Tan Cut In Half
Faith Tan Mirror Mirror
Fiona Kelly FKelly Early
Fiona Kelly FKelly Early Start
Gaby Suhl GSuhlABarbersLife
Gaby Suhl GSuhlISpy
Gaby Suhl GSuhlTakeMeAnywhere

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