Peoples Choice

People's Choice - Auckland Photo Day

Online voting in the Auckland Photo Day 2021 People’s Choice category decided the winner - Poh Leong Koh with "Dog-walking smoko break" won with the most valid votes. The photograph features the rest stop of a walker with their dog and chap having a cigaratte. Poh says he is delighted this image was also supported by the judges in the Top 30 and has won the People's Choice Prize: XT200 kit FUJIFILM X-T200 Mirrorless Camera with XC 15-45mm Lens kit.

The X-T200 blends FUJIFILM's retro-inspired aesthetics with a versatile imaging system suited for both photo and video. Capture incredible quality images any situation, the X-T200 utilises. FUJIFILM'S legendary color reproduction technology for vivid images. Decision by public vote.

People's Choice Winner of the 2021 Auckland Photo Day:

Poh Leong Koh; Dog Walking

Sammie Nguyen;The cloud
Craig Rogers;Fish of the day
suzanne wilkinson;Koffie at the Dutch Market
Waileia Tupou;Bright
Isla Bell;A peek of morning sunshine
Jason Phang;Tending the land
Alvin Sarmmiento;Contemplation
Alvin Sarmmiento;It's My Choice
Mike MacLean;Patiently waiting the sunrise on North Head

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