Peoples Choice

People's Choice Winner of the 2020 Nikon Auckland Photo Day:

Online voting in the Nikon Auckland Photo Day People’s Choice category has seen Argentinian Hernan Grabarnik’s 'Wall of Shame' image win this year’s competition with most valid votes. The photograph features the Black Lives Matter protest slogan, “No guns 4 pigs” and its selection coincides with Black Lives Matter protests internationally, including in New Zealand. Hernan says he is delighted this political protest image was supported by the judges in the Top 30 and has won the Nikon D5600 single lens camera prize by public vote.

Hernan Grabarnik; Wall of Shame

Stacey Edgar SEdgarANewDay
Stacey Edgar SEdgarSidewalkSamples
Stefan Herrick Rainonme
Stefan Herrick Swan
Stefan Schliebs P6060202 2
Stephen Perry 20200607 3 Gulls
Sue Courtney Out For A Paddle
Sue Story Grandma's Phone
Sungho Lee 3 LR 0865 3
Sungho Lee 3 LR 6375
Tom Stehlik TStehlikLastLightOverRangitoto
Vidal Rodriguez 4560BCFE EB3A 4D9E B1FF 0F7079288DC2
Virginie BinetJohnson VBinetJohnsonWetMorningPromenade
Xiaoyang Q Back From Lockdown
Yanzhen Wu IMG 9410
Yohanes Santoso DSC 0449
Yolan Iskandar One Tree Hill Yolan

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