A BIT OF A DO was initiated by the Auckland Festival of Photography in 2004. This reflects the appeal of the festival's populist and democratic mix of themed exhibitions and events like A Bit of a Do, Auckland Photo Day, Diwali and Lantern.

A BIT OF A DO was an annual festival event of themed work selected from an open public submission process for public exhibition. Entry was encouraged from a broad spectrum of talent including professional, amateur and young photographers. Our only creative requirement is that images reflect the theme A BIT OF A DO.

A BIT OF A DO defines Auckland's diverse cultures by looking at the way communities come together in celebration. Photographs can be of private traditions - like christenings, birthdays, weddings, or even funerals. They can also be public, social, religious and political events - such as parades, festivals, New Year celebrations, graduations or demonstrations.

John Minto, Iconic protester at 2005 Stop The Tour rally in QueenSt. The "not cricket" tour to Zimbabwe went ahead despite the high profile turnout. 

"This is one of our signature participation events and we wanted to see contemporary Auckland images from a range of photographers being submitted" says the Auckland Festival of Photography Trust. The resulting exhibition was held annually in Avondale or Henderson during the Festival and was supported by The Trusts til 2007.

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